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Spa Party Event

What to have a great night with family and friends then lets plan a spa party.  Clients can chose a variety of spa treatments at great prices.  The host and hostess can pay part or pick up the whole tab or have your guest chose what treatments they want at a discount and they pay out of pocket.

The treatments they can receive:

1. Massage (clothing optional)

  • 15 mins -$12
  • 20 mins-$17
  • 30 mins-$25
  • 45 mins-$32
  • Add Aromatherapy -$2
  • Deep Tissue-$5

2. Sugar or Salt Scrub or Paraffin 

  • Hands-$7
  • Feet-$10

3. Herbal Wrap for the stomach -$36

4. 3 Waxing Treatments -$21 (Eyebrows, Lips, Chin, Neck, Hairline, Nose, and Cheek)

5. Brazilian Waxing Treatment (Women Only) -$21

6. Mini Facial-$18

7. Basic Mirco-$23

8. Basic Mirco with LED-$28

*Decor, food, and beverages is up to the host or hostess.

Open to Ladies Night Out, Hanging with the Guys, Wedding Parties, Baby Showers, or Just Because its the Weekend.  Parties are scheduled for 2-3 hours depending on the number of guest with a limit of 10 people.  If you plan on having more than 10 guests we can make arrangements and have set appointment times.


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