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Dallas, Texas

At In Your World Massage & Spa, I offer the best customized massages in the Metro area.  I understand that each of my clients have different pain levels and needs that should be address.  So listening to the clients need and focusing on those needs is what I try to accomplish during the massage session.


There can be up to three people in one room, add their names in the notes.

Basic Swedish Massage

Techniques used, a variety of hand motions (fingers, thumbs, palms, and knuckles) and light pressure with forearms.

(Basic Swedish and Pregnancy)

30 min. $49: VIC $25

45 min. $69; VIC $35

Buy 3 get it for $125

60 min. $89; VIC $45

Buy 3 get it for $160

90 min. $119; VIC $60

Buy 3 get it for $215

120 min. $149;  VIC $75

Buy 3 get it for $270

Specialty Massages

All Massages: Deep Tissue/ Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Lymphatic, & Myofacial Release

Techniques used, hand motions, forearms, trigger point with elbows, and a variety of stretching motions.

30 min. $59; VIC $30

45 min. $79; VIC $40

Buy 3 get it for $145

60 min. $99; VIC $50

Buy 3 get it for $180

90 min. $129: VIC $65

Buy 3 get it for $235

120 min. $159; VIC $80

Buy 3 get it for $285

*Ultrasound Massage- can be added to help penetrate deep into sore muscles/ VIC get it for $15.  Add Cold Therapy for 10 min. $20.

Face-20 min. $30

Shoulders-20 min. $30

Arms & hands-30 min. $40

Stomach-30 min. $40

Low Back-20 min. $30

Legs-30 min. $40

Feet-20 min. $30

Couples Massages

Basic Swedish Massages

45 min. $139; VIC/Guest $70

60 min. $179; VIC/Guest $90

90 min. $239; VIC/Guest $120

120 min. $299; VIC/Guest $150

*Upgrade to a Deep Tissue is $15 more for each person.

Hot Stone Massage

Full Body Massage with the use of stones.

60 min. $139; VIC $70

90 min. $179; VIC $90

Bamboo Massage


The Bamboo sticks will replace the use of hand motions.  

60 min. $139; VIC $70

90 min. $179; VIC $90

Expired coupons can only be used Monday thru Thursday and will require an additional charge depending on the coupon. 

All Massages are set for the full time, unless you are late.  

*Clients will be draped with a sheet & blanket  darning their massage session and can bring in your own music from any electrical device.

(Gratuity is not included in ticket price.)

 Cash or Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)



Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

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