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High Frequency Treatments

What is Direct High Frequency (DHF)?

HF is an alternating radio current called "Tesla Current".  It is a great treatment for stimulating the surface tissue, generating heat in the skin, and increasing blood and lymph fluids.

This is an external application that produces a germicidal effect through ozone formation on the surface of the skin.  With the glass electrode you can see the neon gas allowing air sparks between the electrode and skin combining with the oxygen for drying and germicidal effects.


Germicidal, Healing, Drying, and Increasing Skin Temperature.

What is Indirect High Frequency?

Same as Direct but client holds the glass electrode in one hand so the current is flowing through the body causing a regenerating action. Great for Face and Feet Massages.


Relaxing, Healing, and Warming.


Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Pacemakers, Pregnancy, Electro-phobia, Cuts, abrasions, open sores, infections, Metal implants, (pins or plates), Metal jewelry, loss of skin sensation, and high blood pressure.

These procedures can be performed by themselves or included in different treatments in the Service Menu.  

Prices for Just the HF

Direct HF: Cleanser, Oil, DHF, and Moisturizer. 

Face:  $67; VIC $34

Back:  $87; VIC $44


Indirect HF: IHF & Massage

Face:  $47; VIC $24

Feet:  $27; VIC $14

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