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Body Wraps

Body Wraps

We apply the products to the skin with a Swedish Massage. Then wrapping the body with different layers: warm Ace Bandages, Shower Curtain, and Blankets. The heat allows the skin to detoxify and sweat out toxins and food additives. A wrap will condition the body, smooth the skin, help you relax and detox.

Simply Herbal Wraps                                                  $143; VIC $72

*These wraps are made with a variety of Essential Oils.

Clients can choose:


*Stimulation/ Energy

*Aches and Pains

Mud Wrap/ Salt Scrub                                                 $153; VIC $77

Back Mud Wrap                                                           $43; VIC $22

Cellulite Fix Body Wrap                                               $163; VIC $82

Detox Body Wrap                                                        $173; VIC $87

Face Lift Wrap                                                             $63; VIC $32


Please bring extra undergarments that can get wet or stained from the oils and products that I use.

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